Zinc ash or Zinc skimmings

Crude zinc ashes (also called zinc skimmings) are the residues left behind in the galvanising bath after the hot dip galvanising of steel. The zinc ashes  appear as a thin layer on the surface of the galvanising bath, and are removed after each cycle. Among other things, Rezinal processes zinc ashes received from hot-dip galvanising (construction), zinc-coating of wires and pipes, and zinc smelting residues. An ecological solution, since it keeps the chain closed, and zinc ashes are converted into valuable raw materials.

Hot-dip galvanising

Hot-dip galvanising is a process that helps protect steel objects against corrosion. During galvanising, the steel objects acquire a protective zinc coating that renders them corrosion resistant. The galvaniser immerses pre-treated steel objects ​​in liquid zinc, at a temperature of about 450 degrees Celsius. The zinc reacts with the steel, thereby forming a protective coating. After galvanising, crude zinc ashes are left behind in the galvanising bath. These are removed after each cycle.

Rezinal processes the zinc ashes generated during hot-dip galvanising of steel structures, steel wire and steel pipes.

Zinc spraying

In zinc spraying, zinc is applied to iron and steel surfaces with wire or powder, and using metallising guns. This protective layer contributes to the longer life span of the surfaces.

Rezinal processes zinc ash generated during zinc spraying.

Other types of zinc ashes

Residues are also generated during the production of primary zinc metal or other melting processes. Rezinal further processes these zinc ashes.

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