Rezinal nv from Belgium is today thereference in zinc recycling. The company was founded in 1974 and has today grown into a company with a high reputation and customers both within and beyond Europe. 

The name ‘Rezinal’ is an acronym based on the components of our production process: REcycling, ZINc and ALloys. Our recycling philosophy is also reflected in our company logo. It represents the process of liquification and the transformation from dark waste matter to sparkling zinc metal.

Rezinal commenced production in April 1975. In the early days, only crude zinc ashes of hot-dip galvanizers were processed. It was just in 1982 that Rezinal ventured into a new market: the processing of old zinc sheets (zinc scrap) to zinc metal. 

Since 2002, Rezinal nv has been part of a group of solid and reliable shareholders, namely Rehol bv. They guarantee the sustainable growth of Rezinal in the future.

Our partners

Rezinal nv is a member of various international organisations and part of Rehol bv. read more


Rezinal nv

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