Rezinal Zinc Recycling

sustainable excellence in zinc metal recycling

About us

Rezinal from Belgium is the trendsetter in sustainable recycling of zinc ashes (zinc skimmings), zinc scrap and other zinc-containing materials.

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Zinc recycling

Rezinal recycles zinc ashes, zinc scrap and zinc-containing materials from and for the zinc-processing industry.

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The zinc-processing industry uses Rezinal zinc and the by-products of Rezinal for numerous applications.

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Products and services

The zinc-processing industry is not only a supplier to Rezinal, but is also our largest market. We supply quality products such as zinc metal, zinc alloys and intermediates.

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Rezinal Durable and reliable

Using the ISO 9001 management system, we monitor these targets.

zinc recycling belgium

Sustainable business practices

Zinc recycling is of course already one of the most important ways of running a business as a sustainable activity.

  • Health & Safety
  • Environment: an example in sustainability
  • Quality: crucial in this sector
zinc recycling belgium

Rezinal, a pioneer in zinc recycling

Rezinal is a world leader in zinc recycling. Our efficient production process enables us to produce secondary zinc of the highest quality, apart from by-products such as fine zinc ashes and zinc bottom dross. The secondary zinc and by-products are used in high-value applications, such as brass production, hot-dip galvanising and zinc oxide production.

Our partners

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Rezinal nv

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