Our mission: sustainable excellence in zinc metal recycling

Rezinal wants to be the reference. We want to retain our advanced position by protecting the interests of all our stakeholders. These stakeholders include our employees, customers and suppliers, local residents, governments, the environment and shareholders. Compliance with various governmental rules and regulations is a minimum requirement. Rezinal wants to be a pioneer in the various fields by going beyond these requirements.

  • Employees

    At Rezinal, we believe that people make the difference, and that our employees are our most important asset. We therefore wish, in the first place, to ensure the safety of our personnel – which is why accident prevention is a top priority at Rezinal. The recruitment and training of our employees is also crucial. Our wish is to be an enterprise whose employees are proud of their employer.

  • Customers and suppliers

    Rezinal aims to ensure that customers and suppliers are more than just ‘satisfied’. Needless to say, we fulfil all the commitments agreed with our clients. In addition however, it is our excellent service and good personal contacts that make the difference.

  • Local residents

    Rezinal wants to reduce all nuisance and risks to our local residents, and to maintain a good relationship with them.

  • Evironment

    We want to minimise the impact of our production activities on our environment to the extent possible.

  • Shareholders

    Our operations are managed in accordance with the guidelines laid down by our shareholders. Rezinal takes no risks: all employees are responsible to maintain a constant focus on the management of all risks.

The management system plays a vital role in achieving, guaranteeing and improving on these objectives. All Rezinal employees share these commitments and the management provides the necessary resources to achieve them.

Our partners

Rezinal nv is a member of various international organisations and part of Rehol bv. read more


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