Sustainable business practices

Zinc recycling is of course already one of the most important ways of running a business as a sustainable activity.

But in Rezinal, we want to excel in what we do. It is our mission to ensure that no zinc is lost, but will be recycled in the most efficient and ecological manner. This will keep zinc available for future generations, and the ecological footprint will be minimal.

Health and Safety: our main concern

Our employees make the difference. We are proud of them, and their health and safety are obviously top priority for us.  Our management systems therefore focus a great deal of attention on these aspects.

Environment: an example in sustainability

Zinc is a natural material and is required by every living being. But that does not mean that we do not have to handle it with the greatest care. Rezinal is a leader in sustainable and ecological zinc recycling. We strive to minimise our environmental footprint and for this reason, we use the best available technology. The ISO 14001 management system is a handy tool to monitor and continuously improve on this objective.

Quality: crucial in this sector

Rezinal wants to be a sustainable and reliable partner. We insist that our products and services be supplied in accordance with the agreed specifications. Using the ISO 9001 management system, we monitor this target and try to continuously improve on the same.

Our partners

Rezinal nv is a member of various international organisations and part of Rehol bv. read more


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